Biosafety and Ecotoxicology

TECOmedical Group

The Swiss-based TECOmedical Group is a provider of in-vitro speciality test systems within the areas of medical diagnostic, biosafety and environmental testing.

TECOmedical also develop and evaluate new test systems in collaboration with opinion leaders,
or as service to pharma, CRO and research organisations.


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Quidel SPG

Quidel SPG is the option for all your research, biosafety and cytotoxicity testing needs. Quidel offers products to meet biosafety testing and Complement dependent cytotoxicity testing needs, such as normal human sera, cobra venom factor, and Complement fragment assays. ELISA assays, depleted sera, proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antisera, antigens, controls, and special reagents are also available to round-out a comprehensive laboratory portfolio.

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