Complement System

Quidel MicroVue

Quidel MicroVue are a well-established name in immune system monitoring. Assays for the assessment of complement activation.

  • EIA Kits for Complement Activation Analysis
  • Human Complement Reagents: Proteins
  • Complement Reagents: Depleted or Deficient Sera
  • Human Complement Reagents: Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Normal Human Serum Complement

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Quidel MicroVue Complement Multiplex Assay

The MicroVue Complement Multiplex assay measures the amount of various complement proteins in human plasma or serum specimens.

The included analytes are available in two panels:

  • Panel 1: Ba, Bb, C2 Intact, C3a, C3d, C4a, C4d, C5a, sC5b-9, Factor D, Factor H, Factor I
  • Panel 2: C1q, C2 Intact, C3 Intact, C4 Intact, C5 Intact, Factor D, Factor P

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Malin Henriksson