Liver Kidney and Apoptose

TECOmedical Group

The Swiss-based TECOmedical Group offers kits in the areas of Liver, Kidney and Apoptose, for example:

  • Serum M30 & M65 (K18 & ccK18) to predict Drug-Induced Liver Injury.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, biomarker for liver fibrosis, correlates with biopsy.
  • Serum collagen IV, biomarker of active collagen deposition in liver.

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M30 Apoptosense -pdf



BioVendor immunoassays have been developed to provide powerful and helpful tools for biomedical research and diagnostic laboratories. BioVendor products are focused on rapidly emerging and growing areas of interest within the international research community.

Apoptosis – pdf

Renal disease

Renal disease – pdf




Malin Henriksson